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Here are some of the key metrics our services improve.

Scribe Services

Increase in patients seen per hour

Documentation and clerical tasks can take upwards of 30% of a clinician’s shift time. Scribes may allow clinicians to see more patients per day because they alleviate this burden.

Decrease in patient wait times

With less time spent charting, clinicians can see patients sooner, reducing their time in the waiting room.

Improved billing and compliance documentation

Scribes are completely focused on the patient chart, ensuring that no elements are missed.

Improved patient satisfaction

With a scribe in the room, patients have the undivided attention of their clinicians. They feel they are receiving higher quality care, which leads to a better patient experience.

Improved Provider Satisfaction

Scribes alleviate clinician frustration with the electronic medical record (EMR) and reduce the number of hours spent at home charting, improving clinician satisfaction, and reducing burnout.

Better clinical staff communication

With clinicians spending less time in between patients catching up on documentation, they can focus on interactions with the care team.

Increased revenue

By improving E&M coding and worked RVUs, and by decreasing downcodes and missed ancillaries, our scribe program can essentially pay for itself.

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